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I love you like a love song <3

September 5, 2011

I and my Paulinian babes attended Kate’s Debut last Saturday. We didn’t spent the long hours there. It was fun though. Roadtrip w/ Stef, Dhaina, Quinn & Joshua 🙂


Hype me: here

Flag Hanging top from Next Jeans; Bandage Skirt from Topshop

Feathered Earrings from Pop Culture

Turquoise ring from Nicole; Gem Ring from Pop Culture

Laser Cut Pumps from Stephanie

When you are going to party or big events, you should have yourself well dressed. Don’t be afraid to experiment things. You can change the mood of your look, you could be preppy,chic,classy or sexy elegant. On my look, I preferred to be kind of classy and add some spice to be somwhat sexy, I guess. I try to blend my Navy look with the color pink. Actually, I’m in love with my laser cut pumps which I received from Stephanie. It seems that my look is very girly especially for a teenager like me… Wooh. I’m 18 though. Oh you’re not asking. Hehehe.



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