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I’m Shoe In love <3

November 14, 2011

We all know that shoes are every girl’s pride. We all want beautiful pair of shoes that will fit to us. I really love shoes especially heels and wedges. I think I just love them aside from the fact that I’m not that tall, I think stunning pair of shoes would take me to beautiful places. The good news is I have a new babies, a buckle up ankle boots & a peep toe patent leather heels 🙂 I want to share these wonderful pairs with you.

(Buckle up Ankle Boots: Katie Judith)

It was love at first sight when I saw this pair of boots. I had a hard time looking for booties that will capture my sense and I have found it. YEAH !

(Peep toe patent leather heels: HK Brand)

I got this one from my mother. It was sale when she bought it. Pretty ❤

  •  I’m sorry for the low quality of these pictures. My DSLR is low batt, and I prefer to make a post now. Hiha 🙂
* Bear in mind that the price and the brand is not too necessary when buying shoes, it should be the quality and how if fits with your feet and your personality but sometimes, price & brand is essential.
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