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Sequins and Metallic.

December 22, 2011

Sequins and Metallic are back on track. They’re here to make this season brighter. We can see these shining pieces in every shop or boutique.

It’s not so easy to wear sequin clothes. We have to be careful when wearing them. We used to wear sequins on cocktails, night out, etc. But the fashion world is very unpredictable and it keeps on reinventing. Because you can even sparkle on daylight. We just need to mix and match and learn to pile statement pieces to accentuate the sequin things. But mind you, we can have subtle glamour by simply doing it. Here are some photos of the sequin trend that captured my eyes:


Let’s go with Metallic. This trend is very flattering for it can have you different persona. You can have a sexy look with metallic pieces such as wearing metallic pumps and pair it with a simple bodycon dress. If you want a sophisticated look  with metallic, go for a metallic top with matching pencil skirt with cunning earrings. We can be edgy with metallic top and a leather leggings. Whether you are the glamour gal or the subtle one, it’s still up to you on what to wear. :)))

Love. Love. Love ❤ Happy Holidays !


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