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Centennial Celebration Day 1 012512

January 29, 2012

It’s the first day of our centennial celebration in St. Paul University Manila. We started the event with a motorcade to the Manila Cathedral Basilica to attend the Grand Centennial Mass. It’s quite overwhelming to see all Paulinians and the whole SPUM Congregation gathered together to celebrate this big celebration. It’s fun though to see the new archbishop of the Archdiocese of Manila, Luis Antonio G. Tagle. 

I did not expect a big crowd like this. Very supportive Paulinians 🙂

Picture ! Picture !

Camwhoring outside the Manila Cathedral 🙂

The new facade of our school. Lovely, right ? 🙂

The unveiling of the Centennial Marker. Woah. I love those  flying lanterns.hehe

This is how it looks after the unveiling. The statues were a male and female Paulinian student, Sisters of St. Paul, Mama Mary and the risen Christ.

The Museum of St. Paul University Manila

Structure Model of SPUM

There are more pictures in my dslr but I’ve chosen only the photos that highlighted the event. Don’t worry guys, I have more posts of our centennial celebration. Love. Love.Love

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