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On my List.

April 3, 2012

Yesterday, I was pondering of what topic I should go for to have another blog post and I thought of posting about my wishlist.  As a girl who is a sucker and lover for fashion, I have a lot of things I covet and fancy. Of course, it’s conspicuously about clothes and shoes. Hahahaha ! Fashion is my biggest vice though. So let’s start !

1. DAS 17

The first time I saw these lovely heelless shoes, I laid my eyes on them. I died and lived to have these shoes. The perfect color and the splendid design ! I know that this time, I cannot afford to buy these shoes. I’m still a student and depending on my parents. Nonetheless, I’m still hoping that this 2012, I’m gonna have one pair of DAS17. (Photo source: DAS)

2. Dress from CELEB Boutique

I so love this Chelsea Light Pink Cut Out Backless Bodycon Dress. It gives me the sweet yet sexy vibe feeling. CELEB Boutique is the best online shop for me to satisfy the high fashion luxury of every woman’s taste.

I’m not closing my doors to anyone who will sponsor these items. Hahaha 🙂 Henceforth, I won’t stop praying to get these stuffs on my hands. I will try my best to save. It’s not the right time yet, I guess. Patience and hardwork will pay the price. Love. Love.Love

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