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June 3, 2012

I so loved the Bloggers United 3. It was a blast! But let me talk about my outfit first. Hehe

I didn’t expect this crazy pose. Sorry ! 🙂

(Off- shoulder top, Acid wash jeans: AmBlvd, Cocktail necklace, Strappy sandals: Parisian)

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This time I wanted to rock my acid wash jeans and played it with any bright top. I was bugging my self  on what I am going to wear in BU3, little did I know, I had this amazing mustard off- shoulder top I bought at Robinson’s that was perfectly complement with my jeans. It was an instant sexy look. Maybe because of my top and the fit of my jeans. I knew that the event will be massive but I did not bother to accessorize. And to keep my feet comfy, I wear my favorite wedges. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. All the glam I expected was sorta tiis ganda moment. Blissful was the event, especially I saw Camille Co. 🙂

Wait for my next post and see what happened on th event. Love.Love.Love

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