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Bloggers United 3

June 4, 2012

After awhile raving about Bloggers United 3, it’s finally done! BU3 was the most lovable event I enjoyed so far because I got to meet my favorite bloggers and shopped as well. Back to my post, this is going to be a heavy one so please bear with me. Hehe

Cute killer shoes ! I forgot the name of the booth. Sorry 🙂

Freebies !


With the beautiful Vern Enciso

With Dominique Tiu

With Cheyser Pedregosa

With Patricia Prieto 🙂 I envy her model looks.

With my co- blogger Hayna 🙂

With my co- blogger and shoot partner, Regine G :*

International blogger, Anastasia Siantar 🙂 She’s very adorable !

With David Guison  🙂

With Lissa Kahayon 🙂

With the sexy and stunning Kryz Uy 🙂

With the edgy fashionista Laureen Uy 🙂

Of course, I would not missed to meet my ever favorite and ultimate idol,  Camille Co

Who could not say that BU3 was successful ? It was a blast ! The Grand-view Events Place was totally jam-packed. BU3 was full of surprises and every shopaholic and fashion lover would really enthusiastically talk about it. It was my first time and I am looking forward to attend more BU 🙂 Love.Love.Love

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