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June 6, 2012

Only few days left before I go back to school and it’s kind of silly to me that I have not yet purchased any stuff that belongs to school. Hahahaha. Anyhow, I got new items that were really awesome. 🙂

Dresses and Skirt

Who could not say that these clothes are not amazing? I got two floral dresses fro Forever 21 that will make you effortlessly sexy. Yeah. They were really tight. (Thanks to Ate Ellaine for shopping these in the US for me.) And the remaining dresses were sponsored by my ever sweet Mama. Luckily, I have two debuts that I must attend this month. Yay ! And the overrated mullet skirt- finally, got this one at Fashion Market.


This pair of Jellybean‘s color blocked caged wedges which I bought at BU3 was a love at first sight. They were comfy and very versatile. Actually, I have already many ideas on how I am going to play it with my following outfit posts.

Wanda Blue wedges from PARISIAN

I loved the new season collection of Parisian shoes. And when I saw these wedges, my heart skipped a beat. They really captivated me. It’s the statement shoes that I’ve been searching for. Whaaat ? Haha! I was impulsive that time I see those shoes like it gave me sparks. Anyway, I am very much excited to wear it soon.  Love.Love.Love

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  1. Kim Olarte permalink
    June 12, 2012 10:37 pm

    Love The Shoes Abby ……….. Love your outfits also !!!

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