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Simply Foxy

September 4, 2012

(Top: H&M, Shorts: Giordano(Old), Watch: Swatch: Cocktail Ring, Sunnies: Penshoppe, Shoes: HK Brand)

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Am I late for pastels ? No, I’m not. I smirked when I saw this pastel pink shorts- light bulb! (My long closet bound H&M top came to my mind.) I always seek for simple outfits yet trendsetting ones and this look explains it.

I chose my heart top to pair with my super sleek shorts- never knew that my waistline could afford 24. You know what I mean, don’t you ?  The ensemble is simple and chic. This look is really me- classy and sexy. I go for both. I kept my accessories at a minimum for I believe my outfit is enough. And the shades- ang lakas makaartista ! I almost felt like a disguising celebrity on wearing these large frames sunnies. And to make my whole get-up pretty-well gorgeous, I wore my laser-cut heels.  It was my second time to wear it since last year and I just realized that they really are good to keep. 🙂 No more fuss with my post. I scream simple today ! :*

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