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The Minimalist

October 1, 2012

 Keeping things minimal yet fashionable is always a challenge in fashion. The trend is ever changing but a real fashionista must keep pace to modernism and stand out as well. There are a lot of minimalist fashion style anyone could get downtown.

Black is the best color to portray minimalism. The color is just always chic and sophisticated. I opted for a timeless lace dress-like romper to balance the loudness of the night to elegance. They say simplicity is beauty but for me it is more of simplicity is classy.

Even my accessories were kept at a minimum, the minimalist indeed ! I chose for edgy pieces like metallic spikes to add some spice to my sophistication.

I think that it is a cunning choice to put my hair in a bun.

(Romper: Gallery, Cuff: Fashion Market, Ring: ShopOjewels, Shoes: Janilyn)

How do you keep things minimal ?

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