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March 21, 2013

It’s been a while since I posted about a particular shop to love. Fortunately, I found 1721 at the Super Sale Bazaar last March 1. 1721 is a shop that sells hair accessories as well as hair extensions. Every girl wants to be that total package, right? And having a good style doesn’t necessarily always pertains to the outfit per se but it also includes the hair and make- up. So let’s take a look on these gorgeous hair accessories that can complete our style.

Here are my top love!

Big Happie Hair

402009_175574849216684_402278054_nWith this Bump its, you can have that amazing “red carpet look”.

Hair Spins


483589_362298470544320_1647803583_nHave your hair in different styles with this easy to work hair spins.

Floral Headdress

526630_362299723877528_1761980637_nComplete your summer look with a stylish and girly floral headband.

Multi- purpose Pin


Hair Curler Collection

481594_362297087211125_1236006192_nA hair damage free curlers.

Hair Extensions


What do you think? Aren’t they lovely? More of their collection on their Facebook page. And another good news, they will open a mall store branch soon so brace yourselves!




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