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Back to School

June 9, 2013




Prior this week, some schools had started their classes. And on Tuesday, I’m going back to school too. My heart is filled with excitement and joy to see my friends, classmates and professors, also it’s my senior year and that means sooner rather than later, I’m off the hustle bustle of my college life. Way to go Abby! Yay!


IMG_4531Since going back to school has thrilled me, why not make a post about this theme? I was thinking of a not so geek chic who loves music so much when I thought of a school girl. Cropped shirt matched with plaid skirt came first on my mind. The edgy vibe and sweetness of this look best described me when I was in high school. You know, I think I was born sexy and girly- all rolled into one? (Sorry, I’m getting cheesy here! Haha)



IMG_4532Who never wanted to wear sneakers in school during your wash day or civilian day? It’s the most comfortable shoes to wear and easy to match with anything decent to wear. And with my sneakers, it had to be stylish to. I loved the skull thing and the velvet fabric of this pair of shoesies. Even with a basic pair of t- shirt and jeans, you’ll be simply fashionable wearing these. What do you think?










IMG_4549(Red Hot top, Mossimo skirt, NXY shoes, )

Photos by Valerie Virueda

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I hope I gave you an idea of what to wear in school and how become simply chic without giving much effort. But to remind you guys, the best style anyone could strut in school is knowledge and hard work. We must pay attention on giving effort in school to make our parents proud and be successful in life. A great style plus a great mind will skyrocket us to success.


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